How to Contact Norton Customer Service?

Hello there, if you are looking to get help Related to Norton Product then best to contact Norton customer service via various channels to get help.

there are many fake and untrusted websites over the internet that may look like Norton but in reality, these websites are Norton scams and if you fall for them you might end up losing money and the product.

in this article, we will help you find the Real Norton customer service information and various methods based on your language on location.

We have already provided you with quick and simple Ways for Norton Setup and Norton cancellation however there are a few issues where you might need additional help that can only be obtained by Norton support.

What are Methods to Reach Norton Customer Service ?

there are various methods but we always recommend using the most convenient and effective way of contacting support where you don’t need to put on hold for long and your queries are answered.

You can use these methods to get Norton support-

  • Norton live chat Support
  • Phone Support to talk with Norton Support team
  • Email Support
  • Community and Forum Support
  • Norton Social Media Support

as we have made many test requests to check which methods work great for users and we have reviewed their customer service Quality and Did find top-notch customer service.

We also find that the sales team can be a bit more About Sales but we understand that’s their Job but the tech team did a great job answering all the questions we had. Lets Start-

Norton Live Chat Support

this is the most convenient method to reach Norton support because there is no long wait time and easy to contact the direct support team, you can securely verify your account and provide the information needed to start the support.

to reach this method of support click on the link Norton live chat support and fill up the information required to begin the live chat with Norton support.

this is a great way for someone with a disability to speak and someone who is on the travel and doing other things at the same time while talking to support. it saves you time and effort.

Norton Phone Support

phone support gives you more human experience but sometimes it takes time during peak hours. it’s convenient when you have something that you want to explain to the support team.

once you call you will hear the IVR Please Choose the correct options to reach the correct department such as sales, technical support, or billing team.

Here is the list of numbers that we extracted from the Norton website please dial the number according to your location and get connected with the support team.

LocationNorton Customer Service Number
United States 1-800-745-6034
Mexico +52 55 4738 1613
Australia + 1800 680 026
United Kingdom+44 (0)20 7616 5600
Israel1 80 945 0644
South Africa+27 21 819 2830
Saudi Arabia
800 8440742 (Arabic and English)
United Arab Emirates800 04414047 (Arabic and English)
Sweden + 46 (0)8 57929037
Turkey +90 2162821987
Argentina +54 11 5354 0370
Belgium + 32 (0)2 2566625
Austria + 43 (0)1 501 596 004
Brazil +55 11 4700 1747
Canada 1-800-745-6034 (English)
Canada 1-800-561-0820 (French)
Chile 1-800646210
Columbia 018009440586
Chine 400-815-6868
Denmark +45 35 25 80 10
France +33 (0)1 73 01 84 99
Luxembourg+352 2984795023
Belgique+32(0)2 2566625
+41 (0)44 212 00 32
Deutschland+49 (0)69 66 40 4388
Schweiz+41 (0)44 212 00 32
Österreich+43 (0)1 501 596 004
Greece 0 0800 4414 4299
Hong Kong +852 25981234
Hungary +44 (0)20 7616 5813
India 000 800 100 7601
Israel ‎1 80 944 7879
Italia+39 02 4527 9054
Svizzera+41 (0)44 212 00 32
Japan 03-6362-8220
Korea 02-2097-1401
Malaysia + 603 7712 4612
Nederland+31 (0) 20 5040 539
New Zealand + 0800 174 089
Norway +47 22971704
Singapore1800 720 7898
Poland +48 22 2030314
Portugal 800 780 066
Romania+44 (0)20 7616 5813
Russia (8-10-800-2122-10-44) , +7 (499) 272-20-59
Saudi Arabia ( 800 8440742) , 8000 4414047
Slovakia +44 (0)20 7616 5813
Spain +34 91 177 6150
Switzerland + 41 (0)44 212 00 32
Taiwan 0080 185 5873

Now if you are not in hurry it would also easy to send an email to Norton support and they will reply back with the information requested by you however email support is not recommended and there is no guarantee that it will Qualify for Norton support team to write you back.

there more trusted and reliable method will be chat and phone support.

What Products Norton Can Help Me With

Norton support is not limited to Antivirus only as they have all kinds of security and optimizations features. Norton Does Offer safe Browser plugin, VPN, and Pc tune-up features as an add-on to different versions of software.

when you contact you Norton you can Choose to ask for help with sales, billing, or technical support.

if you have a LifeLock membership you can dial 877-511-7906 to contact support.

Norton Community and Forum Support

if you have a general question or technical problem with Norton antivirus or any other Norton product then it would be a great thing to ask questions from Norton communities and forums.

Hundreds or Norton experts and users will be able to see your question and you will get many opinions and expert advice on the problem or question you have.

Asking relevant Questions to forums and communities will increase the database and help other users also who have a similar problem with their products.

here is the Link for Norton Community. you can login using your Norton account and ask your questions to get quick answers from the Norton forum.

Norton Social Media Accounts For Support

some issues like outage and failure to connect with server happen to thousands of users at the same time and when that happens it’s best to report problems to the social media account.

many offers and exclusive features gest introduced using these accounts so you always can be in touch with your security provider. if none of the support methods above is able to help you it’s best to give a ping to social media and they might just hear you out.

Here is the most used and active Norton social media accounts.

Norton official account for Twitter or you can also try Norton support twitter

if you have Norton LifeLock membership then checkout Norton LifeLock Twitter account

there are Facebook accounts as well that you can contact to get help and report issues. Try Norton Facebook account for help.

we hope all this information helps you find the official Norton support. in case you need any help or have a specific question to ask us please let us know we will be more than happy to help you find the right answer that you are looking for.

if you have any feedback or suggestion to help other contacts Norton support please share us in your comment section and once we verify the information provided by you we will include that in our guide.