How to Fix Norton Live Update Failed Problems?

Hello there, updates are really important for any antivirus program to be effective and in this guide, we will help you understand why the Norton live update failed the last time you tried and that is the best way to solve the problem you can enjoy the uninterrupted level of system security.

Norton antivirus is among the best antivirus software available to users as of now. it provides you with multi-level security against identity theft, virus, malware, or spyware.

Norton does offer many security software such as Safe Browser, VPN, and System Cleaner. Norton Live updates keep your computer, and smartphones safe but regular updates are the key to real-time protection.

Why Norton Live Update Failed

there can be many reasons in case of Norton live update fails so there is no one problem one solution thing you might need to check and adjust multiple settings. here are the possible causes behind the trouble-

  • Fluctuating internet or Recent System Updates
  • Missing installation core files or wrongful installation
  • Conflicting Program or Expired Norton Subscription
  • Windows Firewall Settings Conflicting with Norton Product
  • Incorrect Version of Norton installed.

Most of the time, whenever there is a live update available the Norton software will automatically install it if you have opted for automatic updates. in case of a major Norton update, the software may ask your permission before updating the product.

you can also enable or turn off Norton live updates from the Norton user interface. Now let’s Get started on the problem step by step and apply the troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

Close all programs running on the computer and Restart the Computer to rid of any technical Glitches.

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Check For Conflicting Another Security Software Running

if you have any other VPN software, antivirus program, or cleaner apps it’s possible that it caused the problem with your Norton antivirus. a lot of older versions of the Norton software itself may cause the Norton live update to fail to complete.

Please Search for any conflicting program installed on the computer. under the list of installed programs, you can find the list of all the programs installed on the computer.

in many cases you have used different software in past it is possible that may still have some same programs running under the startup program. it is also possible that you may have leftover files or corrupted extensions from previous software installed on the system.

if you are using a windows computer then to disable the startup program please follow the steps-

  • Press the Windows Key + R Together on Computer Keyboard to open the Run Program.
  • type taskmgr in the run box and click on Ok to open the task manager.
  • From the task manager box please Click on Startup
  • select the programs with high impact and click on disable
  • just like this disable any other security software running in the background
  • exit the box and not try to update the Norton again.

After you have removed, disabled or stop the unwanted startup program then restart the computer and try again the Norton live update and update the Norton product to the latest version available.

you can also find quick methods to solve when your Norton Won’t open or respond to the user interface.

Change Windows Firewall Settings

while installing Norton if you may have not granted full permission or control over the firewall the antivirus may not be able to function properly. also sometimes windows updates or major system changes can also alter firewall settings and you may end up with Norton live update failed error.

Please check the Firewall settings to make sure it’s not your own computer causing the problem.

  • Press the Windows Key + R Together on the keyboard and it will open the run box at the left bottom.
  • type Control and press ok to open the control panel
  • Click on system and security and from here click on allow an app through windows firewall
  • after that locate the Norton antivirus from the list and click on change settings
  • Please check both boxes in front of Norton for public and private network
  • Click ok to save settings and exit the box.
  • Now repeat the same steps from the start and then click on windows defender firewall
  • now select turn windows defender firewall on or off
  • from the next screen turn off both windows firewall option
  • review the settings and apply it to exit the box

Please check the internet connection to make sure the internet connection is stable. Now please Try the Norton live update one more time and see if that helps to get the update done.

if none of the methods seems to help then try to uninstall and then reinstall Norton security software.

Check Norton Subscription

if you are using the trial or free version of Norton antivirus or using the computer that came with preloaded Norton software then it’s really important to make sure the product is not expired.

if you are a paid Norton user please login into your Norton account and make sure the product is not expired.

Expired Norton software will not be able to perform live updates and it may put your system security at risk. you can also contact support to make sure your product is not expired.

find more accurate information on how to cancel Norton subscription

Uninstall Norton then Reinstall

once you remove the program from the system and perform a clean installtion you would have great chances to fix the problem.

Here is the steps for Windows Machine

  • Press the Windows Key + R Together on computer keyboard
  • type appwiz.cpl and click Ok to open the installed program list
  • select your norton program from the list and right click on it to click on uninstall
  • Confirm the user account conrol to make changes.
  • follow the norton uninstaller onscreen options to remove the norton antivirus
  • Restart the computer after removal to refresh the computer settings

in case you face problem uninstalling the norton software, Or you have mac,ios or android based devices then please try diffrent methods to uninstall norton antivirus from system.

once the program removal is done please Login to your Norton account and download the norton product from the norton account and doubble click on the downloaded norton setup to run the application.

Follow the onscreen instraction to setup norton antivirus and later on update it to the latest version of the software.

thats all the steps you are required to do in order to get the norton live update complete. you can also turn off norton live updates if the issue is causing the program to crash or any other problem. however its not recommended to turn off Norton live update. please fix the issue as soon as possible and get it going.


all the methods provided in our posted are tested on real application and we were able to fix the norton live update failed error. in case you still have problem or have a question to ask please Ask your Question to get a detailed Answers from our cycber security team for free.

please share you feedback via comment on what more we can improve to help you or users like you.we thank you reading our Tutorials.