For Product Key Activation And Setup

Hello there, activating Norton antivirus subscription and redeeming the Norton product key is easy but due to lack of information, many users end up in trouble while trying to setup Norton antivirus on a computer or smartphone.

in this guide, you will learn how to Redeem and activate Norton Product Key and later how to download and setup Norton to all your subscribed devices. You will also find effective methods for troubleshooting and tricks for smooth activation and setup. Stay Tuned till last-

Check System Requirements

before we jump to the process there are a few very important things you must know about or else you will end up getting a Norton installation error.

there are many versions of Norton antivirus and its products and if your computer had less than 2GB RAM Memory with Less Core Processor then it’s quite possible that you will Experience Slow Computer or antivirus-related Problems.

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Remove Other Or Older Version of the software

Conflicting software may cause Installation and performance related Problems even if you are able to install the antivirus you may keep getting errors or system slow-related troubles. always remove the previous antivirus before you install a fresh or different version of the antivirus program.

Don’t forget to restart the computer after removal and make sure no extensions and leftover files are present of the previous antivirus software.

many computers come preloaded with an antivirus Program and its important to get rid of the software and their tools so you can have a new program working effectively.

Normally Norton will automatically take over the windows firewall or any other default system security but as you can disable it manually.

What is

when you purchase Norton activation card from a retail store they will provide you with a 25 digit activation code and to activate the code you will require it to redeem it on Norton website. is a web address Provided by Norton for its users to redeem and activate the Norton subscription.

now that you know basic information let’s process and start with Norton activation and setup step by step.

Norton Antivirus Activation

Norton activation can be done on any computer, tablet, and smartphone with Full Browser but we will recommend Doing it on the computer so the process gets easy with a bigger screen and more controls.

During this process, you would require to login or create a Norton account as it is really important to have the access to Norton account. it will help you download, manage, update Norton services. it will be also required to change/modify the features, billing of the Norton subscription.

When you create a new Norton account please confirm the confirmation email so your Norton account gets active. remember the password or write it down somewhere as you may need it again for various reasons.

  • Go to your computer and open the Internet Browser such as firefox, chrome or Safari
  • if you already have an norton account you can sign in from the right top of screen.
  • Click on the Enter a Product Key Option from screen.
  • from next screen it may ask your to create norton account if you are not already logged in with existing account.
  • Now on next window you will see Get started and there please Enter your 25 Digit Activation code that came with Norton activation card.
  • Click on the next arrow to Submit the key and let norton verify the code and present you with options.
  • From here you can download the norton Setup files for installtion.
  • if you have multipal device subscription you can create download link for other devices as well.
  • once you download the Product its time to get it installed in your computer and other devices here is how you do it

Setup Norton Antivirus

  • Go to the download folder or locate the norton setup file select it and right click on it to run as administrator
  • once you run the norton application confirm the user account control then Please Follow the onscreen instraction
  • While Installing Norton make sure you have the stable Internet as it may require to download updates and installtion files from Norton server
  • when asked accept the terms and conditions and choose options as per your choice and finish the setup
  • Make sure you update the norton antivirus to the latest verson available for the software.
  • Restart the computer and run the first scan to check the system status and checkout all features of online security.

that’s all you would need to do for Norton activation and setup however in case your installation or norton live update fails here is what you would need to do.

Things to Try When Norton Setup Or Activation Failed

in many cases when Norton action fails it’s because of the invalid Norton Product key has been submitted or you are on the wrong websites and it’s actually a norton scam website

  • Always Purchase Norton From a trusted Store and make sure the product card is packed and product key is not visible to others.
  • When faced with error during installation Please Uninstall norton and do the clean installtion of software.
  • always download the Correct version of norton Product that you have purchased and if possible download it using norton account.
  • make sure the Norton subscription is active and you have no conflict with any other program present in device on which you are installing norton.

that’s all the information you need for Norton setup and it’s related troubleshooting. if you still have any questions do let us know and we will write you back.

in case you have any feedback or suggestions do let us know